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Cover of Colour and Light by Ann Sumner 2005

Cover of Sisley in England and Wales by Christopher Riopelle and Ann Sumner, 2009

Ann has a long interest in Impressionism and Impressionist artists. She chaired the Impressionist conference at the Guildhall, Bath in 2001 in association with the Victoria Art Gallery and wrote the book Colour and Light: Fifty Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Works at the National Museum of Wales in 2005. This  was launched at the Hay Festival with an ‘in conversation’ with art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon and has made a particular study of the Welsh sisters Gwendolen and Margaret Davies and their outstanding collection of Impressionist works amassed in the early 20th century. In 2009 she curated and jointly wrote the catalogue for the exhibition Sisley in England and Wales which opened first at the National Gallery in London and then travelled to the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.  Her book on Claude Monet, part of The Great Artists series published by Arcturas came out in 2019 and she has recently finished a book on  Édouard Manet, as part of the same series which will be published in 2021.  She contributed catalogue entries on Alfred Sisley and Rouen School artists to the publication accompanying the François Depeaux, the Man with 600 Paintings, 2021  at the Musée des Beaux-arts de Rouen.  Depeaux was a central figure in the impressionist movement, a Rouen coal magnate who had links with Swansea.  While Director of the Barber Institute Ann selected Monet’s The Church at Varengeville of 1882 as one of her favourite paintings and used it on front of the book Director’s Choice published by Scala published in 2010.  Ann also lectures on the art of Claude Monet. Her book on Manet in the Great Artist Series will be published in 2021.

Her Book on Claude Monet is available using the link below. 

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Cover of Claude Monet by Ann Sumner, 2019

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